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Oh! it douse my heart a great deal of joy to see the college progressing as she is. I suppose i should only be using this service for official college business but just this once i'ld like to just thank God for your lives, each and everyone, academics and non-academics alike but a special thanks to the principal( i really admire and respect your principles, a high level of standard of excellence and qualities). If i start to express how i feel about passing through this institution and the experiences i had and oh! i had a few in my days and i know some people can attest to that fact lol, this feedback form could not contain it all. However i feel i should say something about how i feel now. I'm still going through alot of challenges in my life like everyone else but regardless of the situation i have come to understand to put God first, at all times and have a mindset of excellence at whatever i do (it really doesn't matter what it is, cos it's in my make-up to shine wherever i go) Matt 5:14 don't play with it!. I had a kid come back to Nigeria to study at the college just because he's mother admired a lifestyle, one that i had cultivated consciously and even unconsciously as i have come to know from my time at the college and i thank God for that. I have no doubt in my mind and at times i'm privileged to see that my mates are excelling in their various endeavours all around the world. Why am i writing this "letter of Paul to the Ephesians"? well, i'm grateful to God for the opportunity i had, now that i realise it. I also want to encourage current students that though it feels like you don't like the training you're getting now (take it from me, at times we hated it too and we had it even tougher than you guys!)believe me when i say you're a better person because of it when you're released into the world to face tougher and more complex challenges that could either break or make you. Keep your head up high,stand tall and trust in God to order your steps because you're of a royal blood. Don't give in to peer pressure but let the counsel of God prevail over your life. To the ones who've graduated and still haven't realised it yet, i hope you don't forget all you learnt and remember the sons and daughters of whom you are (it's alright to be associated with Jesus and don't let anybody tell you different). I'ld like to go on and on but i've got an early start tomorrow. God bless you and may you continue to increase and shine like your motto says in Jesus Name, Amen. (i tried to register with the OSF but i guess i need a pin for that.) Felix Adedeji.Class of Firstfruit 2002.
My WAEC:I want to thank everyone who made my result this great. I want to apologise to Mr Adigun for not getting an A1 in further Maths, i am sorry but i hope B2 is ok, i hope someone else got it for you. I want to thank my chemistry teachers although i expected much better than B3. For my physics B3 is not bad but i guess its too late to regret. I am happy to see my waec entirely. I am especially happy that Fine Art even though we were shakey towards waec but its good i didnt have below a distinction. For mr Adebayo i want to say that God has yet again done it for me after flopping your class thank you for letting God show in my life, to every student in CRC, please know that no one can determine your result without your permission i hope my set beats the previous and that our princii will have something extra about the set of New Breed to be pleased with. Finally, dear principal i still remember the day you spoke to us in the dining hall especially to Oruaro and I but i hope you have better things about us now to tell the world. Goodbye. Toluwase Arogunmati,12 gledhill crescent Hamilton,Canada.
Appreciation: This is Nmeli (Chinelo) and I write specifically to thank CRC for the ways in which you touched my life. From house parents to teachers to everybody, especially my mates. They say you don't know the value of what you have until you lose it. I appreciate formally, all those who have touched my life in one way or the other. The values impacted in me have proved to be very useful especially in this kind of society I am now in. I think it is a potential ability for CRC students to stand out any where they go. It is therefore appropriate to go back to my roots to say thank you and I love you all. God bless you. Special greetings to SS2 students 09/10;I love you so much, and never give up on yourselves, but you can't boast of passing through a school without letting it pass through you . Until we meet again; 1 love!! I miss you all :-). Nmeli Anene, 4921 Wood thrush cir.# 208 Richmond, United States.
Many of you may not know me but I assure you I have been in your shoes before. I am a former student of the great CRC! Although I did not finish with the rest of my class mates, I was in the set of Turning Point 2006. I migrated to London in 2004 and since then the lessons learnt during my time in CRC has always served me in good stead. Oh yes, there was the "I hate that house matron, I dislike Mr. so and so because he's picking on me, Principal is just too strict self"! We throw our heads to the sky wondering when our time in the wilderness will end but believe me, when it finally does, you will hope to God an experience like this comes again. The road is long and it's not going to be wide and smooth but know that you will come out on top because experience of boarding under the ever watchful eye of Princi (Pastor Antoinette Omo-Osagie) and her magnificent staffs will give you great memories and an upper hand on your peers because you have been prepared for what life throws at you. I tell you now, they continue to pray for you. It does not matter whether you left in 2002 or if you are just starting out in J.S.S.1 now! This is a family! Take me for instance, when I started out, I was lazy, never done a day's work in my life. It took me a loooooonnng time to adjust but with washing plates under Miss Aro's eye and Mr Paseda's beatings with passion! Lol... I am a better person today. I HAVE BEEN MOULDED NOT ONLY BY God, but my parents, and the experience I gained in my 4 years in Christ the Redeemer's College, ChristHill, Sagamu. And as for your fellow students, even the ones you don't get on with now, you will later on in life because they give you security especially when you move to a foreign place. They act as a sense of familiarity. Keep things in balance for you because you feel like yeah! At least I know one person here! So here's to the Principal, Pastor Antoinette Omo-Osagie, and the rest of the staffs especially Mrs Asekhome, Miss Aro, and ALL the kitchen staffs when I was there ( if they are still there)...THANKS for the Memories and for giving it to me. Will surely drop by for a pin. Ojo oreolorun, 43 Crossbrook Rd, Blackheath, London. SE3 8LW,United Kingdom.
Thank God: I rili want to thank everybody that taught me while i was in CRC. I want to start from Princi, she's a woman of virtue, a mother who really wants the best for her children, a teacher who makes sure that her students are doing the right thing and a pastor who sees that the congregation are following the footsteps of Jesus. Also i want to thank Mr Paseda, Mr Abejide 'skippo' our able coach, Mr Atigbi, Mr Dan, Mr Adeniran, Mr Asekomhe, Mr Adebayo and so on. Even if i dont mention everybody's names, i assure you all that you would always be in my heart. It is true that you dont know the value of what you have until you lose it. I am really benefitting from everything i learnt in CRC both academically and spiritually. I am currently in COVENANT UNIVERSITY studying Accounting. To my juniors i want to tell you all to listen to everything you are being taught right now. you might feel its useless but when you finish school, you all see what i talking about. Make sure you all read your books and dont give Princi and your teachers any trouble. Love you all. OMOTOSHO OLATAYO, CLASS OF NEW BREED 09, olatayoomotosho@yahoo.com, 08068967841.
Thanks a lot: Tears ran down my face on the day I was told I had to go. I knew it was for the best, and it was a promotion, but I just couldn't get myself to say goodbye. This situation reminded me of the day I was told that it was time to go to a boarding school- CRC. I just couldn't get myself to say good bye, but then again, it was for the best. Little do we know what befalls us after our present life. Sometimes, you might not have the opportunity to say good bye as you would like to, but everyday you have the opportunity to appreciate the people around you. A time will come, when you will look around for the people you once took for granted, only to be dissappointed. What then would you use for comfort when your friends aren't around you? Your memories of times you spent together... but what if you have no such memories? Please it will be encouraging to read from you on the poems and articles I've posted on 'writing.com/authors/nmelichukwu' you could alos google me 'Nmeli Anene' send comments to nellyanene@yahoo.com. Appreciation goes to my teachers who invested in me their best, for the effort you gave now shows in my results. all A's (A= 93 to 100), I've also been scheduled to attend Gorvernor's school next year due to my performance. I love you all!!! Nmeli Anene,nellyanene@yahoo.com,+18048331593,4921 Wood Thrush cir #208,United States.
Repentance: I am writing to all my friends,I say hello. Since I left, I discovered that life is not all about luxury and enjoyment. There is also a major factor that is being ignored, which is God. I have renewed my relationship with God. Take it from me this is the time, when you are young and strong. I have been through all what you can think of, be it lying, cheating, stealing, rebellion, and so on. It did not do me any good but rather it hurt me a lot. I miss all of you greatly, I can't really remember all your names but I miss you . I will be praying for you. God bless. Gerald Okunsebor,mokunsebor@yahoo.com,07038177802.
Columbia International College: Eseohe Ikhureigbe (Nigeria). The attached link may interest you ...performance of one of our graduates....she was outstanding during their recent graduation. http://news.cic-totalcare.com/content/eseohe-ikhureigbe-nigeria. Former school: Christ the Redeemer's College, Sagamu, Nigeria Accepted to: * Waterloo ($21,000 scholarship) * Carleton ($8,000 scholarship) * McMaster ($1,000 scholarship)
Subject: tanx i, really thank God life of crc and i want to thank God for not letting the set of NewFrontier down,because almost all of us, if not all made our results nd passed well.i,ve just gotting admission into covenant university and i'm really happy.and i also want to send my greeting to all my teachers,staff,nurses(they really took good care of me when i was not feeling fine) and to my junior friends nd i advice the preent ss3 to always be read their books.i really miss u guys.special greeting to mr paseda,princii.mr nd mrs adigun nd all my subject teachers nd also the kitchen staff.love you all.bye Temitayo morenikeji Email: tmoreniks@yahoo.com Telephone: 08072098621
Subject: The Fruit of your Labour I am immensely grateful to God for the training I encountered while I was under the wings of CRC. I thank Him for His tremendous, unending favour, and I have a wonderful news to share with you concerning your labour of love. My first book "Music to the Soul" just came out and you can find it on this link http://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781612158440&HC_ISBN=9781612158457 Your support as a school will be greatly appreciated. God bless you!! Nmelichukwu Anene Email: nellyanene@yahoo.com Telephone: 18048331593 Country: United States
Subject: LETTER OF THANKS To Princii and Mr Paseda i am really grateful for all the forceful training and all the early morning devotion, i never thought it would come in handy but it did. i am really grateful for all the experience, the punishment to wash plates and every other thing i hated doing i am really thankful for grooming me during the 6 most important years of my life i really believe that God has a greater plan for each and everyone that walks in through the gates of CRC. To all my teachers and year tutors thank you for the time you all invested in me i am indeed very grateful. Name: Hosannah Kupchi Email: kupchihanatu@gmail.com Telephone: +36705244441 Address: Debrecen Sarlo Utca 1 Country: Hungary
Good evening Mr Paseda, how are you and your entire family, I believe all is well . This is Mrs obebe, James mom . James and i want to thank you for all your support and care during James stay at CRC, the little time he spent in your school has really helped him to redirect his focus cause he says it all the time. By the grace of God he graduated this summer and he's heading to college this fall. I appreciate everything you did and also the principal, God bless you all. Thanks , Mrs Lara obebe .

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